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Report on the 1st Focal Point meeting and related events in Riga on September 12-14

On September 14, Riga hosted the 1st 16+1 Logistics Secretariat Focal Point meeting. The agenda was dedicated to a roundtable discussion on 16+1 activities in each member country, update on the newest regional projects and development of a joint contribution for the declaration of the 2nd Transport Ministers meeting in Warsaw. The meeting resulted in a very active and fruitful discussion on activities, plans and projects, information exchange on recent and forthcoming transport and logistics events, as well as a joint document to be submitted to the Ministry of Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation of the Republic of Poland for its inclusion in the outcome document of the 2nd 16+1 Transport Ministers meeting in Warsaw.

The chairman of the meeting – Mr. Andris Maldups gave an opening speech and a presentation on the 16+1 activities in Latvia. This presentation has been uploaded in the Latvian profile description under the “countries” section in this webpage.

Right after the Focal Point meeting, all participants had a possibility to participate in the Conference on Global Transport Development Challenges organized by the Latvian railway company SJSC “Latvijas Dzelzceļš”, which was a great opportunity to learn about ongoing regional railway projects and their integration in the multimodal and efficient Eurasian transport and logistics network.

Also, as early fall was perfect for site seeing, the Focal Point representatives were taken to the three largest Latvian Ports – Riga Freeport, Ventspils Freeport and Liepaja Special Economic Zone port two days prior to the meeting to get better impressions on the Latvian logistics backbone and its potential development in the future, particularly regarding the 16+1 scope connectivity. Such visits are not only the best way to learn about actual transport and logistics infrastructure, but is also a great networking opportunity, providing new contacts, new impressions and promoting better mutual understanding, thus contributing to regional and global transport cooperation and development. Considering the abovementioned, Latvia invited other Focal Point representatives to consider organizing visits to the transport infrastructure objects whenever possible.



Draft proposal for the joint 16+1 Logistics Cooperation Secretariat contribution to the outcome document of the 2nd 16+1Transport Ministers meeting in Warsaw, Poland in October 25-26

The 16+1 Transport Ministers:

RECOGNIZE the important role of the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) - China Secretariat on Logistics Cooperation (hereinafter – Logistics Secretariat) and its contribution to strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation within the 16+1 cooperation framework. The focus of the Logistics Secretariat should remain on the development of the main logistics corridors between CEEC and China, as well as among Baltic, Adriatic, Aegean and Black Seas as a precondition for the improved connectivity through effective, safe and reliable transport corridors, supply chains and logistic services across the region.

ACKNOWLEDGE the importance of closer cooperation between the 16+1 cooperation format and “One belt One road” initiative that should enable sustainability of logistics chains between China and the CEEC region, including development of new transit routes between the countries.

CALL ON the Logistics Secretariat to continue coordinating the development and implementation of effective, reliable, safe and sustainable logistics solutions in the Eurasian region in close partnership with other 16+1 member countries and external partners. 




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