26/03/2019 - 11:17

Focal Point meeting in Chengdu

On 27th of November The China-CEEC 16+1 delegation was welcomed in Chengdu by the Vice-Mayor Mrs. Liu Xiaoliu of the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government. Madame Liu expressed sincere interest of Chengdu to deepen communication and promote comprehensive cooperation development with China-CEEC 16+1 counterparts. 

On 28th of November at the 2nd Focal Point meeting of the China-CEEC 16+1 Logistics Secretariat, the participants representing Ministries, Embassies and enterprises from Albania, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Slovenia provided an update on the progress made in cooperation with China. During the meeting, participants recognized the significant and practical achievements made in the framework of  China-CEEC transport and logistics cooperation since the 1st Focal Point meeting, that was held in Riga on September 14, 2017. Participants took notice that the next 16+1 Meeting of Heads of Government will be held in April 2019 in Croatia. 

Moreover, the China-CEEC 16+1 Logistics Secretariat cooperation promotion seminar was organized. Mr. Andris Maldups, the coordinator of the China-CEEC 16+1 Logistics Secretariat at the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia, delivered a presentation and encouraged Chengdu and Chinese enterprises to develop railway, port and aviation cooperation with Latvia. Ms. Ivanka Gueorgieva, Head of International Bilateral and Regional Cooperation Department of Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications of the Republic of Bulgaria in her presentation highlighted transport infrastructure development in Bulgaria, whereas  Mr. Zheng Quanfeng, director of Qingbaijiang inland port administration committee emphasized Qingbaijiang’s infrastructure and government policy, presented measures for the cooperation between China and CEE countries. 
At the Gala dinner China-CEEC 16+1 Logistics Secretariat received a prize for the contribution to Belt and Road initiative. 
The three-day event was held in parallel to Chengdu - International Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Expo 2018, which differs from other supply chain and logistics shows by being focused on supply chain management, 3PL, Logistics Technology and information system.  


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