Inland waterways ports

Port of Brcko -

The Port of Brcko is located in the north-eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the right bank of the Sava river waterway. Class IV navigability, an average navigation period of 260 days per year and the economy of the catchment area have determined the importance of the port in relation to the upstream piers.

The port of Brcko provides possibility of establishing direct cargo flows along river Sava to the ports of Danube countries and the the ports of Western and Eastern Europe, as well as to the ports on the North Sea and the Black Sea.

The Port of Brcko is connected with the European Rail Network via Tuzla-Vinkovci road (permitted axle load 18 t)

In close proximity of the port is the main road M14. Good connections ensured by the roads open up possibility for establishing transit cargo flows, as well as flows destined to the narrow catchment area of the Brcko Port.

Port of Šamac

(private port)


Container trains

Existing container train routes:


Adriatic port of Bar-Beograd-Zvornik –Tuzla-Sarajevo

Greek ports: Solun ,Pirej-Skoplje-Niš-Beograd-Zvornik-Tuzla- Sarajevo

Logistics centers

  • Currently not existing.
  • There is interest.
  • No investments.

Special Economic Zones

chambers of economy exist

Transport and logistics business associations

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Railway transport

BiH has about 1100 km of railroad line used for conventional transport.

There are two state-owned railway companies:

Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Railways of the Republic of Srpska.

Railways Regulatory Board: monitoring and regulation of market,permits, licences, certificates...

Ministry of transport of the country

Ministry of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina