China and CEEC cooperation

Living in a globalized world, no one can argue, that is necessary to cooperate not only among the closest neighboring countries, but also to look for strategic partners far away. Recognizing this the Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Wen Jiabao came forward during China-Central and Eastern Europe Business Forum in 2012 in Warsaw with the initiative “China’s Twelve Measures for Promoting Friendly Cooperation with Central and Eastern European Countries” speaking of the importance of closer economic ties, further deepening of information sharing and practical cooperation in 12 areas

Latvia – an important player

Due to its geographical location, Latvia has always been one of the key transit gateways for both north-south and east-west trade flows. Also today Latvia has maintained its strategic relevance as regards transportation flows connecting major world economies like the USA, European Union, Russia, the CIS, Central Asia and the Far East. The transit and logistics sector is one of the strongest industrial sectors in Latvia and has been recognized as a key priority within the Latvian economy. Moreover, we see that a necessary precondition for successful development of Trans-Eurasian supply chains and logistic sectors off all countries is to ensure coordinated and harmonized actions, thus ensure the economic growth both of the whole region and of each individual country.

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Latvia – the coordinating country

In the light of this Latvia was entrusted with the task to bethe coordinating country for logistics during the China-Central and Eastern Europe 16+1 summit in 2015 in Suzhou.

Aims of coordination

The coordination is aimed to:

  • strengthen cooperation through bilateral and multilateral contacts, aiming at the development and improvement of integrated transport corridors between China and Europe;
  • promote and coordinate implementation of the investment projects in transport and logistics between China and Europe, in order to improve and provide new logistics services solutions between Europe and Asia;
  •  foster the information exchange on transport and logistics services in China and 16 Central and Eastern European Countries – to promote closer cooperation and harmonization among public and private stakeholders in the framework of the Initiative 16+1;
  •  improve the supply chain and border crossing between China and 16 Central and Eastern European Countries, in order to remove bottlenecks and reduce administrative burdens in transport documentation, including customs and other border-crossing procedures;
  •  facilitate the container train route development between China and Europe, recognizing the market potential of environmentally friendly railway transportation routes, in order to strengthen competitiveness of the Silk Road land routes.

How we do that – the Secretariat

To achieve these goals the CEEC-China Secretariat on Logistic Cooperation has been established under the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia.

The team of the Secretariat is working closely together with the focal points of all 16+1 format members, in order to make the best use of this initiative.

Information Platform

This Information Platform created and maintained by the Secretariat contains:

  • Information on the 16+1 format, main documents;
  • Information on member states and their transport and logistics infrastructure;
  • Information about main events, conferences and forums of transport and logistics sector, presentations, documents, participants in the 16+1 member states;
  • Information on main projects in the 16+1 member states and cooperation projects in the field of transport and logistics;
  • Information on transport and logistics services and opportunities of cooperation in the 16+1 member states.

Don’t hesitate to enjoy this unique opportunity to get acquainted with the comprehensive information on advantages of the 16+1 member countries and use this excellent instrument for information exchange!

Sincerely yours,

Team of the Secretariat